This girl!

This girl!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

To a very special daddy

Sophia may not talk yet but she sure knows how to show her daddy she loves him. And she is right to love him, he is caring, loving, understanding, knows how to cuddle, knows how to read books and how to tickle.

My husband Eric deserves much of the credit people give me. When they ask me how I do it, I say that I can do it cause I have a man by my side like Sophia's dad. He is the one who brings me back to reality when my mind starts wondering in the "what ifs" world. He gets all the load of my frustration when something doesn't go the way I want it to (sorry for that baby). There's so many other reason why he is a great dad, but I am going to tell him in person, I want to show all of you the special bond the two most important people in my life have.

He is truly the best dad for Sophia, and i am forever grateful for all the things you do for us, for our little family. WE LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK!


  1. Natica:

    Nada más cierto Eric es un gran papá lo digo por lo que tu me cuentas, por lo que veo en las fotos, por lo poco que pudimos tratar cuando vino.

    Sin embargo puedo decir que no hay mejor definición para Papá que Eric, el lo comprende todo y sobre todo por el gran apoyo que ha sido para ti.

    Envíale de nuestra parte por favor un abrazo gigante y esperando volverlo a ver para compartir más con tu hermosa familia.

  2. She looks like she has an amazing bond with your husband.