This girl!

This girl!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Batteries recharched

So we are home. The 28 days Sophia and I spent visiting my family in Colombia were nothing less than amazing and here is why:

I got to see my parents have quality time with their granddaughter:

Sophia got to play with her cousins and get some loving from her uncles and aunt. 
I saw my friends from high school and got to dance salsa all night long. 
I saw my father perform in two plays and applauded with pride at the end.
I got spoiled by my mom with a cup of the best coffee every morning in bed.
I saw my favorite rock band live and got seats in the front row!
I got to enjoy 85 degrees weather for two weeks.
Sophia spent hours in the pool everyday while I watched her from a very comfy hammock.
Sophia created a special friendship with my aunt's dog who wouldn't go anywhere without Sophia.
I gained 2 lbs, and it is ok because it's due to eating delicious Colombian typical foods and they are worth it. 
My best friend and I got to spend some time together and it was like I never left.
I got to paint with my aunt who is a very talented artist and learned a lot:
Sophia did get sick but it lasted only a couple of hours and she bounced back really fast!
And the best of all is that Sophia did a couple of amazing things while she was there, like discovering that she likes the slide and I discovered that she can do it all by herself: