This girl!

This girl!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy birthday my Sophia!

You are 5 years old!!! You have grown so much, physically and intellectually. You have gone farther than we ever thought, you keep amazing us every day and you make us very happy. Mommy and daddy love you so much!

Sophia's birthday celebration was a success. Perfect weather, delicious food, yummy cake, pool time, lovely company with friends and family and Sophia was her happy self. Could not ask for more.

In the past, on her birthday party Sophia would get overwhelmed and shy and she would not have a good time so i would not have a good time and it would be obvious (at least for me) that she is a special needs girl. This time Sophia really enjoyed the party. She laughed, played splashed, ate cake and had such a great time that I totally forgot about her challenges and felt... normal.

The celebration continued on Monday, we went to Davis Farmland with some friends of mine. We had gone last year, and just like with the party, Sophia was not too impressed and didn't really enjoy it. But this time, she was very interested in all the animals. She was curious about their hair and the noises they were making. We enjoyed the hay ride and had a great lunch. Another great day with my beautiful daughter.

What are you doing on my wagon?
The goat thought Sophia was offering her hair as food.

We ended the day playing with her new toys and having a good time at home. I am very grateful for this year, despite Sophia getting sick a few times, she has really come a long way and I can't wait to see what this new year is going to bring.


  1. Feliz cumplis mi nena linda, van cinco años de lucha, tuya y de tus papitos, pero también han sido 5 años de logros, satisfacciones, felicidad, crecimiento y amor. Un besote y un abrazo de oso.

  2. Happy Birthday to Sophia! It's great that she had a fun time at her party and hanging out with the animals sounds like lots of fun.

  3. Princesita Hermosa que Dios bendiga cada uno de tus días, que estén llenos de mucha salud y progresos, que ya sin duda serán así.

    Te queremos mucho y esperamos en algún momento poder celebrar junto a ti esta maravillosa fecha.

    Un besito de Martin