This girl!

This girl!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Who is Sophia?

Sophia is special.
Sophia is not a diagnosis and she is not a statistic. Sophia is special, and I don't mean special needs special but special. She is unique and not because there is no one else with the same exact chromosomal arrangement (read here) but because her personality is like no other.
Now, I may be a little biased here but she really is the sweetest kid I know. Sophia is also determined and kind, she is loving and lovable. The many obstacles and setbacks haven't been able to erase that beautiful smile from her face, the same smile that fuels my heart to keep on going when things are tough. She is also very smart, she knows exactly how to manipulate us into give hugs and kisses any time she wants and only when she wants them. Sophia can tell when I am sad and even though she can't say it with words, she can tell me that everything is going to be ok by putting her hands on my cheeks and looking right into my eyes.
Yes, Sophia has some disabilities but they don't define her, there's a lot of can'ts but there are also cans. She can't walk independently but she can crawl and she moves around when she wants, she can also walk holding hands or with the help of her walker. She can't play soccer or baseball (yet) but she loves bowling just like her dad. Sophia can't chew her food but she can swallow and loves to eat and she is always asking for more. She can't say mama but she can show me she wants me by reaching out for me whenever I walk by her. We may not bond over manicure and pedicure but by reading some of her favorite books or singing her favorite songs. Sophia can't say I love you but she can show me her love when she looks for my hand and holds it and doesn't want to let go.
Sophia is non judgmental and she is accepting of who I am, so much so that even on the days when I am being impatient or worrying about insignificant things she still wants to cuddle with me. She doesn't hold grudges and she can see past my many imperfections. Sophia has the incredible power of bringing a smile on anyone she meets, this is true even when she is not with them because it is impossible to look at her or even think of her and not smile! Even her doctors know her by her name and not by a medical record number because her smile is unforgettable.
I feel so honored to get to be her mama and I do wish I could make all the diseases, the surgeries, the difficulties, the setbacks, the stays in the hospital and the many medicines and their side effects go away because they have tried to cloud my Sophia's beautiful personality, I wish I could make them all disappear but I can't, because this was the hand we were dealt. What I can do is to keep enjoying of all what makes my daughter the special person she is.


  1. Sophie is a warrior, just like her mom. She is beautiful, and despite I only know her by pictures I feel like I am in love with her.

  2. Nata que hermosa descripción de Sofia, ella es una guerrera incansable, amorosa, su sonrisa es perfecta, su mirada transmite tanto amor, su carita de angel, es una niña preciosa y se que la vida te dará hermosos momentos para que sigas descubriendo lo especial que ella es, es un ser maravilloso y único.