This girl!

This girl!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Quality truly beats quantity.

I am very grateful for the family I have. There's over 2 thousand miles between me and them and we have been that way for about 11 years. Sophia and I go to Colombia every year to visit and the 3 weeks we spend together are filled with lots of hugs, giggles, lots of support and pure love.
Sophia feels very comfortable right away, and I don't blame her because I get very comfortable too. As soon as we get there, my mom takes over my duties, she does this because she had been waiting a whole year to be able to feed, hug, kiss and play with her granddaughter and also because she wants to give me a break and the chance to do non-mom things. My brothers, my sister in law and my niece and nephew interact with Sophia as if we had never left, and she responds to that attention in a very positive way. Little things like when they take the time in the morning before they go to work(even though they are already late for work) to give her a kiss and make her laugh, have a great impact on her development.
Don't get me wrong, Sophia get lots of attention and support here from her teachers and us but the kind of love that she gets during our visit to Colombia is incredible! Our life is here in the states, here is where we can get all the medical and educational support that Sophia needs to reach her potential. Here is where Sophia's dad is and this is our home and I love my life here. I wish we could have everything in one place but that's not possible, so I try to make the best of what we do have when we have it; and in those 28 days we made up for the 11 months we can't be together.

Here is a couple of videos of Sophia having quality time with the family:


  1. I know it's difficult for you to be so far away from your family and friends! I'm waiting for time travel to be invented, then we can always be in two places whenever we need to be!

  2. Que lindos se ven y lo más importante es el amor que hay entre todos y ese apoyo incondicional, no importa la distancia ni el tiempo desde que siempre haya amor en el corazón.

    Un abrazito