This girl!

This girl!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

I am baaaack!

After a little over a year of being away from blogging, I decided I was ready to come back.
I'm not really sure why I stopped. I guess it was a little bit of everything: to start, I was overwhelmed by the fact that Sophia was going to a different school and I was losing the support of her teacher for the last three years.  The unknown of what was ahead of us was so scary. Other things a bit more pleasant kept me from blogging, like my mom visiting us for the first time since I moved to the States and it was such wonderful experience for all of us. She was here for three months and I have to say that it was not enough! I didn't realized how much my husband and I do and how little support we have until my mom gave us that support. The fact that we were able to go out after 7 at night was so exciting! Or to be able to sleep past 6 am cause my mom would see Sophia if she woke up early, or just to have my mommy right there with me whenever I felt I needed a hug... When she went back home I had a hard time going back to my routine of being just the two of us as our entire support system, but we (and I am so grateful for that), are good at supporting each other.
So things are back to normal and a lot of things, good things have happened since my last post: Sophia ended up going to a special program in a different school district specialized in communication and I am beyond happy with how things are going and with Sophia's progress since the school year started. (there will be a post about it). My best friend from Colombia surprised me for my birthday by visiting me for a week, and we had all kinds of adventures just like we used to when we were young(er).  It was so amazing to see that we are still such good friends after being apart for almost 11 years! I joined Weight Watchers in September for the third time and this time I feel so focused and I really feel like this is going to be it! I have lost 24 lbs and my final goal looks closer than ever!
Sophia has grown so much physically and mentally and there's so much to tell about her progress that I would need several posts to cover it all, which it's a good thing because I am back and I am staying! Like my little brother said: it helps you writing about Sophia's unique world and if would most likely to help somebody else.

See you soon!

Sophia and her "abuelita"


  1. I'm so glad you're back! I haven't checked on you in awhile, but I have thought of you often.
    Your mother is so pretty! What a darling picture of her and Sophia! Sophia has grown so since your last post. I'm glad she's doing well in her new school and you're seeing progress.
    I look forward to you catching us up on Sophia's unique world! Welcome back!

    1. Thank you Dyanne! I was thinking of you while I was writing, I really appreciate your support!

  2. Welcome back! :-) Looking forward to hearing all the news.

  3. Que bien!!! que rico que comparta esa historia tan bonita de mi niña Sofia.

  4. Hola Natica:

    Como siempre te lo he dicho es una alegría leerte y me encanta cada uno de los post que colocas, sobre todo cuando hago parte de ellos jajaja, me alegro mucho saber que tu mami por fin pudo ir a visitarte y al igual que yo tuvimos la oportunidad de disfrutar tu entorno, cada espacio, cada segundo de tu hermoso hogar de tu hermosa princesa y de tu esposo, realmente fue algo mágico.

    Como tu misma dices sofia ha crecido mucho tanto emocional, como física e intelectualmente y hoy en día es una niña hermosa con muchas cosas lindas por ofrecer y otras por aprender pero contigo como su mami todo saldrá de maravilla.

    Un abrazo