This girl!

This girl!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ten things of thankful

What a week! With ups and downs, more downs than ups to be quite honest (you can find out why here). In weeks like this is when this marvelous blog hop comes in handy. Thank you Lizzi for having this great idea. Happy TToT 25th weekaversary by the way :)
It's going to be a challenge to come up with ten things but here is this week's list:

Ten Things of Thankful

1. It wasn't pneumonia: Sophia was in the hospital on Monday with what it seems like an asthma attack or croup, it's still unclear, but I am thankful that we were able to go home the next day and she didn't need antibiotics.

2. Hubby: One of the times he saw me getting frustrated he jumped in to take over so I could step out for few minutes and take a breather. I felt supported and understood.

3. I am a new american citizen: The ceremony was Wednesday, it was beautiful and they made me feel welcome to the country, I felt like they were happy that I am part of the american family:
4. My in laws: My husband couldn't go to the ceremony because he stayed home with Sophia, so my mother in law and her father came to be with me and stayed the whole time!! (it was 4 hours long!)

5. "Catching fire" is out: I read the three books and loved it. Can't wait to go a watch the second installment.

6. I saw my baby being herself today. Finally!: The week has been tough for all of us and Sophia has been very uncomfortable but today she laughed and played and behaved like her old self... at least for few hours.

7. Hubby and I are never sick at the same time: I am so glad one of us is always healthy to take care of Sophia if the other one is sick. I hope we continue with that pattern.

8. My husband's car broke down on Thursday but fortunately he was able to get home safely and over the weekend we got it fixed.

9. Thanksgiving week is coming up: Hubby is taking a couple of days off and we are going to get together with the family and eat delicious food and be thankful for all the good things this year brought.

10. Sophia's dad: She is a lucky little girl, her daddy took care of her when her mommy was becoming a citizen and he did a great job.
Well, would you look at that, it wasn't a difficult as I thought! (hubby helped though)
Have a great week!


  1. A beautiful joint effort from you and hubby. Congratulations on your citizenship - that's AMAZING :) So pleased to hear that Sophia's beginning to recover from her illness. I hope she's fully back to normal very soon. Well done for taking such good care of her, both of you, and for making life work around the challenge of having a sick child.

    Well done for making it to Ten :D *hugs*

    1. Thank you Lizzi! Sophia is still not herself, she always takes a long time to fully recover but she is her way. Hugs!

  2. *applause* Welcome to the US!! I'm so happy for you, being able to become a citizen as you wanted.
    I'm also glad Sophia is starting to be more herself. It is so scary and exhausting to take care of a sick child.
    Have a lovely Thanksgiving with the family!

    1. Thank you Christine! yes I am very happy!
      I am so tired! Sophia hasn't been sleeping well for a week!!

      Have a great Thanksgiving as well!

  3. congrats on the Citizen(ification)* and on Sophia not being pneumonia sick. And, I totally get the advantage of two people to take turns, sometimes it means a little, sometimes it means a whole lot!
    good to have you along on this bloghop every week

    * not a real word, but kinda like it

    1. I love your made up worlds!!
      Hubby is still pretty sick and Sophia is not well recovered yet, I better take my Airbone ;)

  4. Wow! Congrats on your citizenship and welcome!

  5. So glad that you could be discharged from the hospital so soon! And so happy that it was no pneumonia.

    Congrats on your new citizenship! I bet it feels awesome!

    I am really happy to hear that Sophia is starting to be herself again! That's so good for a mother.

    1. Thank you Joy! I do feel great to have accomplished that!
      Sophia is still a 100% and has not been sleeping well so everybody is tired but yes, i am very happy too that it was not pneumonia,

  6. For someone who couldn't find much to be thankful for, you managed a couple of REALLY BIG ONES! Congratulations on becoming a U.S. Citizen. I have heard it is a lot of work and that the test is pretty difficult. So glad you chose to become a citizen! And Sophia is feeling better! That's fantastic!