This girl!

This girl!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

10 things of thankful

I didn't get to do my list last week, not for lack of thankfulness but because my laptop was acting up and I have been too tired to deal with it. But I am here, feeling very lucky and grateful and here is why:

Ten Things of Thankful

1.  Sophia is a very brave little girl. She didn't let the cast to stop her from being the happy girl she has always been, making this episode in our lives much more bearable.

2. The weather these last few days, week actually. It has been a very pleasant transition from the heat to the cold, last year we didn't have it at all.

3. Sophia's teacher and physical therapist. I can't thank them enough for all their help these last two weeks, they have truly gone the extra mile to make sure that Sophia is comfortable and able to participate in the all the activities.

4. Pumpkin latte. I know I said before but I just love that stuff, the smell, the taste and the feeling I get when I have it =)

5. My mother in law. She came over last weekend while Eric was away on a trip and kept me company. It was nice to have the distraction plus she brought lunch and dessert.

6. I still have a job. I work only two days a month and a few weeks ago it seemed like they were taking those hours away from me; but I was worrying about nothing because it ends up that I am keeping my hours after all. It's only two days but they help a lot.

7. Boston market. Eric and I have this sort of tradition, we eat at this restaurant once on a weekday and we get a coupon for a free meal on Saturday. We love it, it's cheap and delicious and a nice alternative to burgers and fries all the time.

8. Sophia's classmates. They all have been very sweet and so helpful now that Sophia is in the cast making her last two weeks in it fly by.

9. School open houses. I attended Sophia's school open house for the first time in three years, which you can read about here. I am thankful for her progress and  for how I was able to appreciate Sophia's unique and special way to participate in the activities without feeling sorry for myself.

10. Butternut squash oven fries. If you haven't had this you've gotta give it a try. Even Eric likes them and that says a lot!!

Have a great week!


  1. Am glad for your little girl....a real blessing! A wonderful list!

  2. I am so, so happy for Sophia, and your entire family, that you are surrounded by people who take Sophia for who she is, make her feel welcome, and let her participate to her best ability in all the activities. I love the pictures you posted, Natalia, such a beautiful, happy girl your Sophia is!

    I love that you maintain a job. And to be honest, 2 days a month are 2 days a month. It gives you a little purpose apart from being Sophia's mom and a homemaker, but leaving you plenty of times for your little girl!

    I hope you have a great weekend!!

    1. Thank you Stephanie, she really is a happy girl!
      I actually enjoy my time at work because I am not too busy usually and it gives me a chance to have a little of "me" time. and the money is very welcome too.
      You have a good weekend too!

  3. Butternut squash oven fries--they sound similar to sweet potato fries. I bet they are yummy!

  4. Super. I'm so glad it was your laptop being a pain rather than something more onerous which kept you from us last weekend.

    Sophia looks like she's managing the cast beautifully - such gorgeous, smiley pictures of her. She's adorable.

    The open house sounds like a really good idea - I'm glad you got to go :)

    Lovely to have you back with us this weekend.

  5. small children, though not having any, strike me as fairly amazing, in that sense of directness with the world, of unstrained joy (or sorrow) but mostly the expression of how they feel...without the various ways adults often have.

    weather is heading towards the 'not summer season', so while I will for a few more weeks be able to say 'yes, good weather is a thing to be grateful for...' lol I will very soon be saying, 'when is it getting warm again?'*

    *like I haven't lived in this climate my entire adult life! so where is the surprise factor that I seem to be responding to ...every year? lol

  6. It is amazing to watch little kids take the pains of life in stride and learn to adapt to them, not letting those pains steal their happiness. Sophia and her cast are a perfect example!
    We used to go to Boston Market when the kids were little each time we made the 6 hour drive to our hometown. We didn't want to stop at a real sit-down restaurant, but fast food burgers and fries were not appealing. Boston Market fit the bill nicely.
    I'm so glad to hear Sophia is having a positive school experience, both with her teacher and her fellow classmates.

  7. If you have to be in a big ol' cast, then make sure it's pink and purple striped! I'm so happy to know she is getting along well since her surgery. You have a wonderful support system, between school and your in-laws, although I'm sure nothing would please you more to have your own family close enough to visit you often. I didn't know there were still Boston Markets! We don't have any around here. I like that you can actually get vegetables there.

  8. Yum! Boston Market is the absolute best! Glad she is handling her cast well.

  9. Im with Dyanne! I love the spica colors! I am always amazed at children and how much they just take it in stride that "yeah, Im in a big ol honkin cast but its okay!"

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  11. Amiga:

    Qué bueno saber que Sofía va mejorando y que su transición por esta nueva operación no ha sido tan traumática como se había pensado, cabe destacar que nuestra pequeña princesa es toda una guerrera digna de admirara, al igual que la entereza y el amor que progresan tanto tu como Eric por ella.

    Un abrazo para todos