This girl!

This girl!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

10 things of thankful

Sometimes it's easy to find things you are thankful for, but sometimes its hard and that's when you really need to (like our wonderful TTOT host Lizzi says) dig in and bring out to the surface the good things in your life, it does make a difference in how you feel. This week, it was easy to come up with 10 things, here they are:

Ten Things of Thankful

1. My brother FINALLY got a job after 8 months unemployed! I am so happy for him and his family.
2. My sister in law was very kind and babysat on Saturday so hubby and I could go on a date. Weather was perfect, show was good, dinner delicious and company couldn't be better, oh, and I had a good hair day.
3. We live close enough to a big city like Boston so when we go out there's always shows, sporting events and interesting restaurants to try out.
4. We got invited to a wedding anniversary party and I agreed to bring my famous shredded beef and Colombian rice pudding. I am so thankful that both came out really good and that people at the party seemed to love them.
5. I am thankful that my aunt is such a great artist, she paints, she makes jewelry, hair accessories, purses, and many more things. The main material she uses is orange peel!! That just blows my mind.
Here one of her paintings
6. A good friend of mine went to Colombia and my mom sent me some things with her:  my favorite snack, shoes for Sophia (only in Colombia I can find shoes that fit Sophia's tiny feet), and some of my aunt's art work:

7. I am thankful for Sophia's laugh, some days she is so happy and laughs at every little thing, there's nothing, NOTHING better than seeing her laugh.
8. The beautiful weather we have had the last couple of days.
9. My relationship with my husband, we argue every once in a while like everybody else but I am thankful that we are always able to talk and listen to the other's side and get over it fast. I love him!
10. I am glad the surgery was moved from the 3rd to the 9th because Sophia is going to able to go to school for a week before the procedure, which she is going to love and that will give me some days for myself to get ready.
Have a great week.


  1. Yay for your brother! Unemployment is no fun - we've been there!

    You not only went out on a date with your husband, but you had a good hair day, too? Excellent!

    Your aunt is an amazing artist! How on earth does she use orange peels for her art?

    1. Amazing isn't it? She manipulates the orange peel to get the shape she wants, like a flower or a leaf or even sometimes a little jewelry box and lets it dry. Then she paints it and finally puts a finish coat on top.

  2. Orange peel? That's incredible!

    So happy for your brother's employment. Jobs seem to be on quite a few 10 Things of Thankful lists this week.

    1. Yeah, I am so happy for him, he was getting really desperate and depressed.

  3. Congratulations for your brother and I don't blame you on wanting another week to prepare for Sophia's surgery (prayers already coming for that!!). Also, orange peels?? I'm not even sure how that would work but I'm SO impressed!!! Also, I love the Sophia's giggle one. Hearing our little ones laugh has to be the biggest reward of parenting ever. Ever ever.

    1. Thank you for the prayers =) I am going to post a picture of the pendants and earrings for you to see, oh and the beautiful jewelry boxes which still have the orange smell!

  4. It's a big week for dates! Dyanne and I had dates with our husbands, too. A great treat, isn't it?
    Did you say your aunt paints with orange peel??
    What lovely things your mom sent!

    I agree with you. There is nothing better than the sound of a child laughing.

    1. It is a great treat, I am glad we had the chance to do it now because our anniversary is the same day as Sophia's surgery.

  5. we were going to go on a date, but at the last minute Phyllis said that she either: had to wash her hair or her aunt was sick and she needed to go over there*

    Very good to hear about your brother getting a job (though I don't know him, I do have a relative in the same situation and hearing about things turning out ...better is a benefit of these here lists here.

    school already! aiyee glad to hear that someone is looking forward to it (not that I have school or school-age children but the idea of it means that Summer will not be lasting forever...this year again!)

    Good to have you on this bloghop

    * lol just a little date humor... well clarklike date humor

    1. lol, I got it!

      Yeah, 8 months without a job and with 2 young kids is a loooong time, he was getting depressed, I am so happy for his family.
      I know!! I feel like this summer was shorter than last year! Sophia loves school and I love having time to do my things, with Sophia in the house all I want to do is play with her =)
      Thanks Clark for stopping by.

  6. WAHEY! Nothing like having a job again to make you feel like a worthwhile contributor to society, no matter the reason for unemployment. Huge congratulations to your brother.

    Your aunt is incredibly talented! What lovely things she's made! You're lucky to own so many of them.

    A lovely list, and I'm so pleased it was easy for you to come up with this week :)