This girl!

This girl!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

In search of the one.

The one communication device for Sophia, that is. About three weeks ago, a clinician from Augmentative and Alternative Communication Services came to our house to do an evaluation on Sophia to see if and which device is appropriate for her. I liked her, not only because she said nice things about Sophia (wink) but because I could tell she knows what she is talking about and she was really paying attention to Sophia's interests and likes. The clinician told me that Sophia was very high on the communication scale, meaning that she is finding ways to let us know when she wants help, wants to play, or when she is tired of an activity or feeling sick. She does it by getting our attention making different sounds or by grabbing our hand to show us what she wants. She has also shown frustration when I can't understand her, which is great! Not the frustration part of course, but the fact that she knows the need to make herself understood.

The clinician used an app for IPad  (similar to the one I won) but the buttons are too small for Sophia and it was hard for her to see or to push since she tends to use her whole hand and and not just her index finger. This lady has been going to the school for a couple of hours each week to continue with the evaluation and I got her report yesterday. I can't be any prouder of my little girl! The clinician is using bigger buttons so Sophia can push them with her hand. Sophia pushed the "MORE" button independently several times to let them know that she wanted to continue with the activity they were working on! She seems to understands that if she wants more of something she needs to push the button, that tells us that over time, she should be able to use more buttons of symbols to communicate with us! (I am so freaking happy right now!)

The evaluation is not finished yet. Now the whole team needs to agree in which app or device is the best for Sophia and when they do, the school will get it for her. This will open a whole new world for us. I am so excited to know what is in that little head of hers. I can't wait to hear the first "mama" even if it is with a computerized voice! Whoa! Let's not get ahead of ourselves here! But then again...why not?


  1. Por que no soñar????... disfruten los logros y las posibilidades que tiene mi niña.

  2. Nata que felicidad tan infinita, Sofie es una luchadora constante y se que esto será un gran avance no solo para ella si no para ustedes también.

    me alegro infinitamente de corazón comparto contigo cada alegría, se que soñar a veces se torna frustrante pero pregúntate acaso no soñamos por cosas efímeras casi el 90 % de nuestras vidas, entonces por que no soñar por algo maravilloso y mágico como lo es nuestra preciosa Sofia.

    Adelante amiga, las puertas de lo posible se abren a grandes pasos y ustedes los irán dando uno a uno a medida que vayan llegando consiguiendo metas que tal vez hace algunos años atrás no estaban ni quiera en sus mentes.

    Un abrazo