This girl!

This girl!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

And then they were three.

Sophia just couldn't wait to enter this world.  I had been on the pill for few years so when my husband Eric and I decided to try to have a baby, my doctor told me it was to take at least a year for it to happen. Well, the very next month there was a Clear Blue pregnancy test saying "pregnant" on the bathroom sink.
I had my sister in law on the phone when I took the test and we were screaming and laughing and crying, I was so happy.
It was a normal pregnancy until I was 34 weeks along. After a routine ultrasound the doctor told me that he saw something strange about Sophia's head shape. He thought that it could be something called craniosynostosis which means that the bones of the head fuse prematurely and that if that was the case all we had to do is a surgery to fix it. He sent us to a special place where they do diagnosis through ultrasound in Boston. The doctor there said that there was a syndrome, there was no doubt. Sophia was not opening and closing her hands (apparently it's something they look for) and her feet had an unusual angle. They said that these three characteristics by themselves didn't mean anything but together they mean there was a syndrome. We were devastated. We hugged each other and cried. I remember that all I could say was: "I just wanted her to have a good life"

It was a Friday and that weekend was really hard since we had to wait until Monday to talk to my OB.
I cried so much. My dream of a perfect family was crushed. We didn't know what to expect and we were scared.  We decided to do an amniocentesis to know what we were dealing with and since I was 36 weeks along, the risk of inducing labor was not a big deal. The results came back showing that Sophia has a chromosomal disorder that nobody else has or at least there's no documentation of anybody with same exact combination. So my Sophia is unique!
So the amnio helped us finding out what she has but it didn't really help us knowing what to expect. We had to wait and see. And so Sophia was born at 38 weeks. She ended up not having craniosynostosis, so we didn't have to deal with a head surgery.
 She was the most beautiful baby I ever saw. I loved everything about her. Everything! even her unusual angled feet, even her two short fingers, I loved her uniqueness.  I loved my baby, she was here and she was mine, and she came here for me to love her just the way she is.

Look at this pic. Who would not love her???

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  1. Mi nata:

    Recuerdo con tanta alegría aquel hermoso momento en que supiste que Sofía venia en camino, se cuan duro fue tu embarazo entre noticia y noticia, entre doctor y doctor, entre la distancia y la ausencia, pero tu empuje, tu valentía, tu berraquera, han hecho que a pesar de las miles de adversidades hoy seas la hermosa madre que eres, ese hermoso ser que le ha dado vida a Sofia, que la ha empujado siempre hacia adelante.

    Que mayor muestra de tu amor, de tu calidad de ser humano, de tu entrega.

    Dios bendiga cada uno de tus días y de los de tu hermoso hogar.

    Las quiero mucho Nata y Sofia.