This girl!

This girl!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sophia is special

Sophia is special. And I don't mean special needs special, but extraordinary and unique special. She makes people happy, she touches people's hearts and she changes people's lives. Even strangers, not one day goes by without at least 2 people, at a restaurant, at the mall or at the park, that say to us: "she is adorable". At school, everybody knows who Sophia Frost is, from the secretaries to parents and children from other classrooms. Everybody agrees, Sophia is special.

Just last week, we had our annual IEP meeting and every single person in the room (8 in total) genuinely cares for Sophia and inevitably loves her. They respect her and they understand that she is her own person, somebody who needs help in achieving her goals but goes on her own pace. She is learning from them but they are also learning from her; and she is leaving a mark in their hearts.

Unfortunately, one of her biggest fans, her 1-on-1, Lauren, has to leave in order to pursue her graduate studies. It was a difficult decision for her to make because (in her own words) "Sophia changed my life in the last 2 years." Sophia even influenced Lauren's choice of what field to study, Early Intervention. In a way, because of Sophia, many kids are going to be able to enjoy and benefit from Lauren's expertise and kindness  So, in a way, Sophia will change those kids' lives too.

I'm so glad that Lauren genuinely wants to keep in touch with Sophia and I know Sophia would love that. I knew the day when Lauren had to leave was going to come sooner or later. I am sad but I am also very, very happy for her and I am sure she will do great.

We will miss you Lauren and we wish you the best!


  1. I think many SN kids have some kind of "special aura" around them. We get to hear it ever so often, too, how cute and great our son is, even from total strangers. It feels good for a mama's heart, doesn't it?

    And Sophia is really so adorable!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog because now I found yours! Would you like to link up on our new Ten Things of Thankful blog hop? I could imagine that you are the kind of woman to share a lot of things to be thankful for, too! It takes place every Saturday and Sunday.

    Would love to see you there!

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by. And yeah, it does feel good for mama's heart. I definitely have for than a few things I 'm thankful for and I will link up to your blog hop. Thank you so much for the invite.

  3. I'm so glad you linked up with our blog hop because I, too, found you because of it. You are indeed very lucky to have a wonderful team for Sophia (my son Tucker has a wonderful special ed team as well and I feel very blessed because of it - I have come to realize that not everybody is so very lucky).

  4. Thank you Kristi. I hear so many sad stories about kids who don't get the help they need to reach their potential.We are indeed lucky.

  5. I am so glad that you followed my invitation to the blog hop! :-) Would love to see you again next Saturday! :-)

  6. Amiga:

    Sin duda alguna Sofie es especial como tu lo dices no por las necesidades especiales, si no por ese ser mágico que es, por su ternura, por lo que inspira, por que destella amor en cada una de sus expresiones y acciones, por que su mirada enternece a cualquiera, con su sonrisa llena el alma de muchos corazones.

    Sin duda alguna podría decir que Sofia vino a este mundo con una misión especial y es dejar huella en cada corazón que toque, además de las miles de enseñanzas que dejara a lo largo de su vida.

    Un beso para esa hermosa princesa