This girl!

This girl!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Another perfect day.

Saturday was one of those days where everything was perfect. Sophia woke up at a decent hour and in a very good mood. We got ready and headed to the zoo. Even though the ride was a little less than a hour, Sophia didn't fuss and was smiling the whole time as if she knew we were going somewhere fun. We got there and she was very excited:

And then we were off to see all kinds of interesting animals. Last year we went to a different zoo and Sophia was not really enjoying the trip, she didn't really pay attention to what was going on around her, she was like in her own world. At that time, going to public places like that was a little stressful, she would get overwhelmed and I would stress about that and Eric would stress because I was stressed. It would also make it kind of obvious that she is special and we would get a little sad because at that time we thought we couldn't enjoy activities like going to the zoo like everybody else. But that was not the case this time. Actually, it hasn't been the case lately.  She has become more and more alert and she is really engaging with what is  happening around her, it's amazing to see the transformation.

We wanted to give the backpack carrier a try. We didn't know how Sophia was going to like it so we brought the stroller with us just in case. She loved it!

Sophia got a good look at the giraffes, monkeys, llamas and zebras. Then we watched the bird show. Sophia couldn't really see anything from where we were sitting but waited patiently till the end so we could take a picture with the parakeets:

Then we headed to the petting zoo to see and feed the little goats. Sophia really liked it even though an older goat jumped on Sophia and scratched her leg, she made a face but didn't cry and continued to enjoy the little baby goats:

We ended our awesome day at the zoo feeding the deer, it's an amazing feeling walking around them. Sophia was not sure what to make out of them at first but warmed up quickly and really liked them:

We had a really great day and I am very happy that Sophia had a lot of fun doing an outdoor activity like every other kid her age. Seeing her this happy is priceless!


  1. What a happy day for your family!

    1. It really was, she behave like... a typical 5 year old!

  2. Hermosa!!! se ven tan contentas las dos :)

  3. Leerte es sentirte cerca, es sentir que soy parte de tu universo, es sentir que estoy ahí no de presencia pero si de corazón, leer lo que haces, como te diviertes , las fotos que colocas, hacen que mi mundo se detenga por un momento y me traslade a cada uno de tus momentos vividos.

    El destino quiso que fuera así, tu allá y yo aquí, lejos pero a la vez tan cerca, a veces dejamos de hablar, pasan días y tal vez semanas pero para mi jamás ha pasado ese tiempo en verdad, siempre estas en mi mente y en mi corazón , en mis oraciones y mis pensamientos.

    Me alegra demasiado saber que hay días tan mágicos como el que describes aquí y oro por que los que vengan sean mucho mejores.

    te quiero con todo mi corazón y siempre estaré ahí

    Tu amiguita del alma Lady