This girl!

This girl!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mommy and daughter day left me exhausted. But that's a great thing!

Today Sophia and I had a busy day. The day started right before 4:00 am when she woke up happy and ready to go. This has been her waking up time for the last few weeks, not sure why but she is not upset at all. I can see her in the monitor having a great time laughing and babbling. Yes, it's way too early for me but who can get mad at that silly happy girl really?!
First was our orthopedist appointment which went excellent. Everything with Sophia's hip looks great as well as with her feet. The AFOs are doing their job and three hip surgeries seemed to do the trick to fix her hip dysplasia. The doctor wants to see Sophia in 6 months for a follow up and if everything looks good, we can see him only once a year, which could really help us a lot.
Sophia also had an audiology appointment but not until early afternoon, so we went to the mall and it was great! we had the playground for ourselves and Sophia wanted to walk from wall to wall holding hands. She didn't want to crawl, she wanted to walk! After a good workout walking, we went to the restroom and even though her diaper was very wet, she sat and peed! My big girl!
Then we went to the hospital where we had the appointment, had lunch and with still one hour to go, Sophia wanted to spend it walking everywhere and exploring everything. She was loud, alert and very happy. The hearing test went well, she was very interested and amused by the sounds but after a little while she decided she would rather walk than sit and listen to the same over and over again. The audiologist was very pleased to see Sophia so grown up and so not like a baby anymore.
By the time we were finally on our way home, she was so tired that she fell asleep in the car which is so not like her. Sophia has fallen asleep in the car about 3 or 4 times in her whole life! We got home and she was still sleeping so I put her down,  I sat next to her feeling exhausted but oh so very happy! I looked at my sleeping daughter and thought about the kind of day today was, everything Sophia did today, the walking, the exploring, the going to the bathroom, the interest in being a big girl, how proud she was of herself, all those things are nothing but the living proof of how far she has come. Despite all the surgeries hospitalizations and set backs, Sophia always finds her way back to where she was before and more.
There's still a lot of uncertainties, a lot of unknown territory and probably many more battles to fight, and we will fight them and we will face them over and over again as many times as we need to just to have more days like today.


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  1. Que belleza, sofia es una guerrera incansable y adicional cada vez muestra mas de su potencial, ella es una niña grande que poco a poco nos muestra su mundo mágico y nos enseña nuevas formas de creer y de vivir.

    Un beso gigante a mi muñequita luchadora