This girl!

This girl!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Sometimes you just want to cuddle... and that's ok.

Being a mom (or a parent, for that matter) is a full time job, let alone a special needs mom. Besides the regular duties, I am a physical and occupational therapist, a feeding specialist, a speech therapist and an advocate for my daughter. Don't get me wrong, I don't regret doing all those things for Sophia, I do it because I love her and I would do anything and everything to give her all the opportunities she needs to grow and reach her potential. But sometimes I find myself in constant working mode, thinking what I can do to help her, what cup or spoon should I buy to help her drink or eat on her own, what toys I can find to motivate her to isolate her index finger or how to organize the house so she can cruise around.
But sometimes I find it hard to allow myself to just sit back and spend and afternoon on the couch, just watching TV or cuddling with Sophia. I immediately start wondering if I should be teaching her something or working on her fine or gross motor skills instead of lying down. I guess I just feel guilty thinking that I'm not doing enough...
My wonderful husband said the other day that cuddling with my daughter is not one of the things I should feel guilty about, he said that I do exactly what Sophia needs and those cuddling moments are as important as the teaching ones. So I decided to believe him and give myself credit for what I do, I decided to enjoy the fact that Sophia loves sitting next to us and just be silly and giggle. Sometimes she crawls towards wherever I am sitting, asks me to pick her up so she can be next to me, then she grabs my hand and puts it on her arm so I can rub it, sometimes she just wants to hold hands and if she is happy doing just that, so am I.

She loves taking selfies.
Being silly with daddy.
Just chilling.
More selfies.


  1. Cuddling together IS learning! You're teaching her trust and unconditional love, among other things. You are a fantastic mama! Love the pictures!

  2. You are right Dyanne, and thank you for you kind words!

  3. Amiguita:

    Entiendo totalmente lo que dices por que muchas veces yo me siento igual, pero como dice Eric este tipo de actividades muchas veces nos ayudan de una forma que ni imaginamos y crean lazos tan fuertes con nuestros hijos, solo mirar el cielo, ver la tele, tomarse fotos o brincar o simplemente estar ahí a su ladito crea un lazo y ayuda de una manera que ni nosotras nos imaginamos pero que ellos si entienden y valoran mucho, porque ellos tienen esa hermosa capacidad de disfrutar cada cosa sin importar la cantidad, ni la calidad solo disfrutan y eso los hace y nos hace felices.