This girl!

This girl!

Friday, February 27, 2015

The PODD is her voice.

Sophia and I go to Colombia every year around March or April and this year I am extra excited because this time, we get to bring Sophia's voice with us.
Ever since Sophia started going to school, we have been very fortunate to count on excellent teachers who do everything so Sophia reaches her potential. Last year's teacher knew that Sophia needs encouragement and motivation and that with the right tools she could go really far. That's why she requested a special program where Sophia could do just that. In our school district there was nothing that could meet all of Sophia's needs, so they suggested a CAPS collaborative program specialized in communication. The program has everything we need: is located at a very nice elementary school so there could be interaction with typical kids which is something I was not willing to give up, and it's focused on communication which is key. Plus, there's a lot of staff in the classroom including a nurse so I feel like Sophia is in very good hands everyday.
From the moment I met Sophia's teacher, Erin, and I saw first hand the way the PODD was used in the classroom I knew it was the right thing for my daughter and for our family. Erin explained how the system worked and I could tell she knew what she was talking about and that she loves what she does. She has taken the time to show me how to use the PODD at home and has answered my questions in a way that I can really understand and can put into practice. As soon as she heard about our trip, she thought about making a PODD in Spanish so my whole family could talk to Sophia. How great is she?! And it makes so much sense, the PODD is not just a communication aide, it's Sophia's voice! You don't leave your voice home when you go on vacation. The PODD is part of her, it should go where ever she goes and it should be used by anybody who wants to talk to Sophia. 
So we are leaving in a month and I am excited for my family to see all the progress that my girl has made in the last year but I am mostly excited for Sophia to see that she can use her voice with them too.

Just a sample of what the Spanish version would be
No caption needed.


  1. I'm sure the PODD will serve her well.

  2. Have a wonderful and safe trip. Thank you and Eric for being such great role models for Sophia!

  3. Esto si que me parece de lujoooooo la profesora es un sol además que es una grandiosa idea, muero por poder saber que dice y aprender con ella como usarlo y de paso poder ayudarte si lo necesitas.