This girl!

This girl!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The day I will never forget.

It was January 1st 2011, Eric and I were watching TV and Sophia was playing on the floor right next to us. It was about 6:00 pm, a totally normal evening at the Frost's home was about to turn around.
A few weeks before, Sophia started having seizures, we talked to her neurologist and after doing an EEG-which showed a lot of brain activity-prescribed a medicine to control the seizures.
They were under control until that awful night on New Year's day. Sophia was lying on the floor on her belly, all of a sudden she started making this weird sound and I knew something was wrong. I picked her up and she was having a really bad seizure, she was having a hard time breathing and she was turning blue. Her eyes were almost rolling all the way back in her head, there was a lot of drooling and a lot of twitching. The doctor had told us what to do depending of the length of the seizure, after 2 minutes into the episode we knew it was time to call the ambulance. Eric went outside with a flash light to guide the paramedics to our house and I stayed inside watching my beautiful girl struggling to breathe. I remember looking at the clock and seeing the time go by, 3, 4, 5 minutes and the seizure was still going on. I was begging her to come back to me. I can see the scene right now as I close my eyes, we are both on the floor and I am crying and begging: "Sophia please, come back, come back!"
The ambulance was finally here and by then Sophia was starting to get better, the paramedic put her in the truck and said that she was still having a seizure. They started an IV and took us to the hospital. From there they called the neurologist and he increased the dosage of the medicine. Sophia started to act normally about an hour after we got to the ER and they sent us home.
That was the last time she had a big seizure, she has had a few episodes here and there with some twitching and drooling but nothing too bad. The doctor has increased the dosage a couple of times because she is growing and to control these episodes. We have a different medicine just in case she has a 5 minute long seizure, which I hope we don't have to ever use.
I will never forget this day, I wish it never happened but it did, Sophia has epilepsy, it's under control but it's there and we have to be prepared in case it does happen again. I try to not think about that and focus on the good things instead: we have a smart, special, beautiful girl who makes us smile everyday.


  1. Oh, Natalia, how scary that must have been! You seem to have a highly skilled team of medical professionals monitoring Sophia's health. And Sophia seems to have "chosen" just the right set of parents for her! You two are marvelous with her.

  2. Thank you so much for your words Dyanne!