This girl!

This girl!

Friday, February 26, 2016

I can see clearly now.

Sophia sees a lot of doctors. She is followed by about 6 specialists and one of them is an eye doctor who has seen her since she was born. One of the first things we noticed when he saw Sophia as a new born was her left eye being smaller than the other one as well as her left pupil. When she was about 2 years old, Sophia had a surgery where the doctor opened up her tear duct and saw that everything looked normal inside despite looking different on the outside. She had follow up every six months or so and Sophia seemed to see ok but because she can't tell us we were never really sure. A few weeks ago, the doctor examined her eyes with her pupils dilated and saw that Sophia has astigmatism and since she is also turning her left eye out at times he wants to give eyeglasses a try. He wasn't sure how she was going to react and I didn't either. We didn't know if the glasses were going to be too overwhelming for her or if she was going to try to take them off all the time and I was not looking forward adding another stress to her life. But we decided to give the whole thing a chance and I am so glad we did! When the glasses were ready to be picked up, I sat on a chair with Sophia on my lap, the guy helping us was having a little bit of a hard time fitting the strap around Sophia's neck but she didn't care at all! She was too busy being amazed by the world around her! Her eyes wide open and a "wow" look on her face were priceless.
 It has been a week since Sophia tried her glasses for the first time and she hasn't tried to take them off, not even once!! Once again I underestimated my daughter and once again she shows me that she can figure things out, I guess I tend to transfer my own insecurities and fears into her and assume she feels the same. I know that doesn't make me a bad mother but I do want to assume that she is capable of doing amazing things if given the opportunity. I was not sure the glasses were going to work and I was already leery about them even before we got them! Sophia is smiling more when we read her books and noticing little things like prints on my clothes and details on her toys. At school she is looking a things as if it was for the first time. Her teacher said that Sophia is more attentive since she is wearing her glasses!
We gave her the chance and here she is re discovering the world around her, the same world she had seen before a little blurry and distorted,  now sharp, bright and full of life!

And she looks great too!

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  1. Que hermosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa que estas sofia , te lucen mucho las gafas y así puedes ver mas claramente cada cosa hermosa que hay en tu vida.

    Te amo princesita